C&g Electronic Services, Glasgow

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, 1 year ago

Very disappointed in this company and i will highly recommend you look else where before using these. They will not give you your money back on your returns and are far from honest traders. Todays tip stay away from these amateurs .


, more than 2 years ago

The staff are very knowledgeable. They take the time to help you, and can advise you on exactly what it is you need, even if you're not quite sure yourself. The costs of repairs are reasonable, and the products sold in the shop are also good value.

TV repair

, more than 2 years ago

Got my LG tv repaired here in 3 days and I must say I was impressed with the price of the repair. It's hard to get guys like this nowadays who clearly know their stuff.
#LG tv repair


, more than 2 years ago

Absolutelly awfull!
I brought a faulty item in for repair, it would had took about 20-30 mins to do it at most, even I could have done it, but I don't have the right equipment.
The guy took it, and told me it will take about a week, because they're really busy.
It took 11 weeks to get it back!!!
I've been to the "shop" for several times, it was shut all the time, tried to phone them, ONONE cares to answer the phone...
The icing on the cake is that even after three months they gave it back without even touching it, it's still broken, and is in the state where it was when they took it in.
#avoid awful terrible


, more than 2 years ago

Never trust this company and never leave a broken appliance here to be fixed. They took my television for 6 weeks and did not phone or do anything at all, then denied having it. They will never answer the phone and called me a demented women. they should be shut down. DO NOT LEAVE A TV HERE

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